What’s the luxury?
Trying to define the luxury absolutely, it is so much complicated and it would be running the risk to lose some aspects of its character and its appeal.
The main difficulty is in the very much subjective character of the luxury’s perception. Let’s start to list some words that outlines the concept of luxury: refinement, excellence, prestige, well-being, sophistication, superfluous, rarity, expensive… Theese words introduce us mostly at the idea that we have about the luxury, even though in truth the luxury remains something intangible.

For us
The luxury is an attention to the art of living.
A luxury home has to deal at least with three requirements: “the originality, the quality of the products and the rarity of the offer”. An house with high rang must have the capacity to build dreams.
Expressing the creativity of its creator and using valuable materials. The manufacture is characterised by great attention for the details and the incomparable location.
The price contribute to the accessibility or inaccessibility to goods. We can state it’s sometimes false that an expensive good is a luxury good, but it’s always true that a luxury good is expensive.
A luxury accomodation is a perfect work and the aesthetics is found up to the last detail.
As an house is most prestigious, its presentation should be most luxurious. That is why we have created a website investigated in detail, with a high impact but especially dedicated to customers with high demands that search rare and exclusive properties.
We have made a very important choice and so an high selectivity of the property that we treat.
We work, in fact, every day about the details developing constantly experience to make our business processes more efficient. We design our service as if it were the only that we offer, so that it becomes special, to give our customers the best ever. We have a customer buys an experience: a special welcome, professionalism and discretion and also a quality property.
This selection allows us to benefit customers exceptional service, personalized.
Would you like to receve the access to view the luxury properties and investments that we offer?
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In the case of investment in real estate, our society helps its clients in the research and development of new businesses in the italian property market.
The Investment section relies on a professional and qualified team that provide customers a complete and personalized assistance to select the investment in real estate which best suits our customers need.
Through a rigorous, serious and deep process, the FA & Partners’s investment in real estate division provide the person concerned the most cost effective and more suitable solution to their needs, and support them step-by-step in the identification of the most attractive investment.
Our society is with the customers in the stage of:
  • Market studies;
  • Technical, legal and commercial valuations;
  • Consultancy assisted on the selling-buying process;
  • Chose the area of action;
  • Management negotiation


The Property Management’s service shall pay attention to the strategic real estate portfolio management, for the valuation and valorisation of properties. The profit-maximising and the minimization of the risk require a methodological approach, precise and consolidated.
Our society, through an efficient procedure, monitoring and research instruments aout real estate, agrees to maximise the value of the property and to identify the best strategies which satisfy the customer’s requirements. The same society proposes innovative organisation about the risk, resources and decision management, in order to improve the development and aministration of the real estate assets.
The activities carried out under the Property Management are:
  • Property portfolio management
  • The selection of the investments and buildings to decommissioned;
  • Investments planning;
  • Management of real estate development projects;
  • Market analysis;
  • Benchmarking analysis;
  • Divestment.





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